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Saturday, October 16, 2010

#3 Covers from Canada - (2010-09-23)

Laura from Canada sent me 2 beautiful FDCs. These covers really made me smile :)

First cover:

The first day cancellation issued on 1988 on the cover features an example of he distinctive Byzantine architecture of the Ukrainian Orthodox and Ukrainian Catholic churches which stand as reminders of the Ukrainian heritage of the Canadian Prairie provinces and Canada as a whole.
The stamp covered by the first day cancellation depicts the Nativity scene (Mother Mary, Joseph and Jesus Christ). Other stamps are related to religion, Christmas and peace.

Second cover:

I am an aviation enthusiast so I was really happy to receive this cover. This is an FDC of 100 years of the Silver Dart aircraft. This was issued on February 23, 2009.
The Silver Dart was the brainchild of the Aerial Experiment Association (AEA), a group of enthusiasts recruited by Alexander Douglas McCurdy, a young engineering graduate. On February 23, 1909, before a crowd of spectators, McCurdy flew the Silver Dart 20 to 30 feet above the frozen waters of Bras d'OR Lake at Baddeck Bay, Nova Scotia. The experiment marked the first controlled powered flight in Canada and the British Empire and would change the course of the nation's history.

The other airplanes on the cover are Curtiss JN-4 Canuck, the Hawker Hurricane and the Canadair CL-141 Tutor.

1 comment:

Laura said...

I am glad to see you liked the FDCs! I love the one you sent me. Thanks so much John.