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Sunday, October 31, 2010

#18 Cover and Stamps - Russia (2010-10-06)

My first nice cover and stamps from Russia, thanks a lot Dmitry!
The theme of the cover is about 150 years of Vladivostok. The stamp was issued last July 02, 2010. 

Vladivostok was founded in 1860. His story begins with the signing of the Aigun contract "between the Russian and Tai-Tsing (China), states of" 16 days in 1858. The initiator of the contract was governor-general of Eastern Siberia, Nikolai Muraviev-Amur. As a result, Russia has acquired a maritime territory in the Far East State. The future of the city was preceded by a military outpost on the shore of Golden Horn Bay. NN Ant-Amur called post Vladivostok from the words "master" and "East". In 1860, the Sea of Japan raised the national flag of the Russian Empire. In 1871, the Vladivostok office transferred to the residence of the military governor and the main base of the Siberian military flotilla. In 1880, Vladivostok officially declared a city.
On a postage stamp depicts a panorama of the bay "the Golden Horn", Tokarevskaya lighthouse emblem of the city of Vladivostok.

The postcard about Vladivostok is also included inside. This postcard was actually posted within Russia.
The current emblem of the city of Vladivostok was adopted in November 2001 decision of the local City Council № 42. Served as the prototype of a historical version of the emblem, approved by Alexander III in 1883 and renovated in 1992, but without the depiction Maritime region in the freestyle part. In 2001, the coat of arms pereutverdili, removing all external elements outside of the shield (anchors, tower crown and ribbon). Now the heraldic description of the city of Vladivostok, says: "In a green field of the shield a gold tiger with dark red (red) eyes and tongue, running along the rocky slope silver left, lifting the front right paw."

The stamp at the back was used to complete the postage. It is about the coat of arms of Yarislovl, which was issued last August 27, 2010. It is an an image on a silver heraldic shield insurgent and deployed to the right of black bear, holding the left shoulder of the left front paw of a golden ax, over the heraldic shield - the image of "Monomakh". In this version, coat of arms was approved by the local municipality on Aug. 23, 1995, nevertheless, allowed to simulate the city emblem of Yaroslavl in an abridged form - without an image cap Monomakh, and in some cases and as a basic element of the emblem - a bear with an ax.
A modern coat of arms of Yaroslavl combines the social fabric and cultural heritage of the two eras. Pagan era embodies a bear, the medieval-Christian - Axe, which is the image of the newly-baptized people, the Christian symbol of statehood of Russia.

The stamps inside:

1. Commemorative mini sheet on the birth centenary of Mikhail Mil, released last July 10, 2009.
It shows the different Mi-series helicopter aircraft, including Mil Mi-8 (the world's most-produced helicopter).

1.1. Mi-1
1.2. Mi-4
1.3. Mi-8
1.4. Mi-34
1.5. Mi-28 "Havok"

2. Commemorative mini-sheet on the birth centenary of Alexander Yakovlev. The designer of the Yakovlev military aircraft and founded the Yakovlev Design Bureau. 

2.1. IR-1
2.2. Short-haul passenger jet Yak-42
2.3. The Yak-54 - Double aerobatic aircraft designed for training pilots, athletes, learning aerobatics in aviasportivnyh clubs and participate in competitions in sport airplane.
2.4. Combat training, training aircraft Yak-130 
2.5. Yak-141 - a supersonic carrier-based aircraft vertical takeoff and landing, an outstanding achievement domestic aircraft. This aircraft combines all the expertise in this area, and far ahead of his time.

These are the much older stamps with theme relating to art.

1. Vladivostok - http://rusmarka.ru/catalog/marka/position/20894.aspx
2. Yarislovl - http://rusmarka.ru/catalog/marka/position/21032.aspx
3. Mikhail Mil - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikhail_Mil, http://rusmarka.ru/catalog/marka/position/19511.aspx
4. Alexander Yakovlev - http://rusmarka.ru/catalog/marka/position/13286.aspx

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