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This blog is about postcards, covers and stamps received. I also included some of my favorite stamps in my collection.

Feel free to contact me at jpstampcollector@gmail.com if you want a cover or mint stamps exchange.
I am interested in birds / marine life / commercial aviation / military / religious theme (like Popes, Saints and Churches) / famous historical events from your country / Joint stamp issues with Philippines. Year of the Rabbit (2011), Year of the Tiger (2010), Year of the Dragon (2012)

For covers, please limit envelope size to 220mm x 140mm

My birthday is on December 31. I'd really appreciate if you can send me a letter on that day with a birthday greeting.

I am currently working in an IT company, but I can still manage to find some time to go to post office to send postcards and letters.
I like commercial aviation and I collect die cast airplanes. I also love to do travel photography and interact with different people and learn their culture.

Feel free to browse this blog site and I would appreciate if you leave any comments / remarks.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

#3 Cover and Postcard - Japan (2010-09-20)

I received a letter with postcard inside via Postcrossing. Thanks Chiaki!
The cover has 2 stamps, the first is a definitive stamp and the second one is a special release stamp.

The first stamp is a part of "The Nature of Japan" definitive series released last 1997. This stamp depicts Koao-hanamuguri (flower beetle) and Kantou dandelion.
The second stamp is very interesting, it is a special release with the theme "Protecting the Arctic polar Antarctica" released last June 30, 2009. This is the first release of hologram stamps in Japan.

It is part of a miniature sheet of 4 stamps.


Inside the letter is a cute postcard.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

#11 Cover and Stamps - Argentina (2010-09-21)

My friend Agustin from Argentina sent me a beautiful cover.
It has 1 type of stamp from the Sports Idol series issued on 2009. Particularly, this stamp is about Juan Curuchet, a World Olympic champion of Cycling.

The stamps inside :
1. 3 stamps about Pope John Paul II.
2. National Hero of Argentina, Jose de San Martin
3. Church stamp - Capilla de Candonga
3. Bird stamp - Gaviola Gris, bird in Malvinas Islands

Friday, September 24, 2010

#2 Cover and Postcards - Australia (2010-09-16)

It has been a busy week for me at work, doing training and taking exams,  so I did not have time to update my blog. I just hope I pass all the exams so that I'll be deployed in a project.

I received a letter from a good friend in Australia. It contains postcard and prepaid aerogrammes.

The cover contains 3 types of International Post stamps. The first type depicts a Platypus and was issued last March 6, 2006 with the theme of Australian Native Wildlife. The second type depicts the Three Kings or Three Wise Men. The third type was issued last March 5, 2007 as part of the Island Jewels series showing Maria Island in Tasmania.

This Maximum Card below is one of the two Maximum cards issued last 2001 with a theme : "Dragon Boat Races."

Monday, September 20, 2010

#10 Cover and Stamps - China (2010-09-15)

Thanks CJ for the very nice cover and set of stamps from China.
The set of stamps were released last 2002 and illustrate species of Gibbons (variation of Apes).

Set of stamps inside:

Saturday, September 18, 2010

#9 Cover and Stamps - South Korea (2010-09-15)

My friend from Korea sent me 2 covers during the first day of issue of The 60th Anniversary of Women's Service in the Armed Forces Commemorative Postcard (2010-09-06).

The first cover has 2 stamps, the stamp on the left commemorates The 60th Anniversary of the Republic of Korea Marine Corps, which was issued last 2009, while the stamp on the right commemorates the  30th Anniversary of the Establishment of the ROK Women's Army Corps, which was issued on 1980. The second stamp used is related to the special cancellation used.

Inside are stamps with their brochures.



The second cover was sent to me in time with the Cover round robin event in My Philately.
The stamps used on this cover are part of the Korean Beauty Series (5th issue) issued last 1995.

First stamp : The Lofty Gate of the Traditional Yangban Residence

Stamp Picture

Second stamp : The Gate of Pomosa Temple

Stamp Picture

Third stamp : The Pullomun Gate at Changdokkung Palace

Stamp Picture

Forth stamp : The Osumun Gate of the Chuhamru at Changdokkung Palace

Stamp Picture

The third cover sent was sent last 2010-09-07 and has a special cancellation.
The first stamp is part of 2 stamp set for 2006 Philatelic week, with a theme called : "Heart-shaped fingerprints." The second stamp is issued for Philatelic week of 2001 and theme is "Heart of Love."

#2 Cover - Portugal (2010-09-14)

First time to receive a cover from Portugal. Thank you Jose for the nice cover.
The stamps in the cover are part of Marine Invertebrates set of 2010.

The beautiful cover was ruined by unnecessary marks from Post office. I hope that this practice will be prevented in the future.

#8 Cover and Stamps - Singapore (2010-09-07)

A friend of mine from Singapore sent me sets of stamps. I sent sets of stamps in return to complete our trade. Many thanks to Adeline.

The cover has 4 different stamps.
The 1st stamp is a definitive stamp issued last 1997 showing a double decker bus.
The 2nd stamp is a part of National Monuments set with 6 stamps issued this year. It shows the Hwa Chong Institution Clock Tower.
The 3rd stamp is a part of Singapore - Indonesia Joint Issue set of 2009. It shows the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, which means "Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park"
The 4th stamp is a parrt of Singapore Youth Olympic Games set issued this Year. This is the first ever Youth Olympic Games.

The stamps inside are:

1. Military Planes of Singapore miniature sheet issued last 2003.

2. Civil Aviation of Singapore miniature sheet issued last 2003

3. Undersea World miniature sheet issued last 2006.

4. Set of stamps
a. 40 years of Singapore Air Force issued last 2008, 5 stamps in a set
b. Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 issued last 2008, 4 stamps in a set
c. Nature Series issued last 2007, 4 stamps showing fishes

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

#1 Cover and Postcards - Australia (2010-09-08)

Thanks Martinho for the beautiful maxicards from Australia. Very nice!

The cover has 2 stamps, the 1st stamp is an Internal post stamp issued last 2006 depicting an Echidna, and the 2nd stamp depicts the Three Kings or Three Wise Men.

Dog maxicards:

Monday, September 13, 2010

#1 Stamps - Philippine Marine Biodiversity 2010 Complete!

Finally! The complete Philippine Marine Biodiversity definitives for 2010!
I would like to thank the staff of Manila Central Post Office.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

#7 Cover and Stamps - Austria (2010-09-08)

My friend Florian sent me a very lovely cover from Austria. It is an FDC of Mother Teresa. Thank you very much!

Stamps included inside:

#7 Postcard - Germany (2010-09-08)

A special postcard received at 10-09-08 :)
This postcard was sent by my friend from Germany during his business trip. Thank you JB!

The postcard is from Malerwinkel Hotel.

#6 Cover and Stamps - Chile (2010-09-09)

Nice bird cover from Chile, thanks to Gonzalo.

The cover contains complete set of Protected Bird series issued on 2009.

The miniature sheet inside the envelope is shown below:

#6 Postcard - Vietnam (2010-09-09)

My friends sent me postcards when they visited Vietnam, thank you Karen and Kris!

The postcard below shows Dong Khoi Avenue - Catina of old Saigon (circa 1923).

The postcard below shows the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City building of old Saigon (circa 1925).

#5 Postcard - Netherlands (2010-09-09)

First postcard received from postcrossing. The personalized postcard has a picture of Lange Jaap lighthouse, the tallest lighthouse in Netherlands (63.45 m.)



There are three nice stamps. The first 70c stamp is Queen Regina Juliana, one of the former heads of state of Netherlands. The second stamp was issued on 1984 for the European Parliament elections. The  third one is a part of Playing Child stamp series issued on 1994. 

#5 Cover and Stamps - USA (2010-09-08)

One of our close family friends in US sent me a cover with stamps. Thank you Tito Butch and Tita Ines.

The stamps on the right are definitive stamps of USPS, issued on June 28, 2009, which depicts the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Stamps inside the envelope:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

#4 Cover and Stamps - Poland (2010-09-07)

I received a letter from my friend in Poland. Thanks Zbigniew!

The cover contains 2 stamps, the one on the left was issued on 1997 as part of Polish Manor Houses set. The one on the right has an image of a Cherry and was issued last 2009 together with Marigold stamp.

Maximum cards inside:

Stamps inside:

150 years of polish stamp issue

Different cats in Poland

Different Following the traces of Karol Wojtyla - Wadowice