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Saturday, September 18, 2010

#9 Cover and Stamps - South Korea (2010-09-15)

My friend from Korea sent me 2 covers during the first day of issue of The 60th Anniversary of Women's Service in the Armed Forces Commemorative Postcard (2010-09-06).

The first cover has 2 stamps, the stamp on the left commemorates The 60th Anniversary of the Republic of Korea Marine Corps, which was issued last 2009, while the stamp on the right commemorates the  30th Anniversary of the Establishment of the ROK Women's Army Corps, which was issued on 1980. The second stamp used is related to the special cancellation used.

Inside are stamps with their brochures.



The second cover was sent to me in time with the Cover round robin event in My Philately.
The stamps used on this cover are part of the Korean Beauty Series (5th issue) issued last 1995.

First stamp : The Lofty Gate of the Traditional Yangban Residence

Stamp Picture

Second stamp : The Gate of Pomosa Temple

Stamp Picture

Third stamp : The Pullomun Gate at Changdokkung Palace

Stamp Picture

Forth stamp : The Osumun Gate of the Chuhamru at Changdokkung Palace

Stamp Picture

The third cover sent was sent last 2010-09-07 and has a special cancellation.
The first stamp is part of 2 stamp set for 2006 Philatelic week, with a theme called : "Heart-shaped fingerprints." The second stamp is issued for Philatelic week of 2001 and theme is "Heart of Love."


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