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This blog is about postcards, covers and stamps received. I also included some of my favorite stamps in my collection.

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For covers, please limit envelope size to 220mm x 140mm

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I like commercial aviation and I collect die cast airplanes. I also love to do travel photography and interact with different people and learn their culture.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

#11 Cover and Stamps - Argentina (2010-09-21)

My friend Agustin from Argentina sent me a beautiful cover.
It has 1 type of stamp from the Sports Idol series issued on 2009. Particularly, this stamp is about Juan Curuchet, a World Olympic champion of Cycling.

The stamps inside :
1. 3 stamps about Pope John Paul II.
2. National Hero of Argentina, Jose de San Martin
3. Church stamp - Capilla de Candonga
3. Bird stamp - Gaviola Gris, bird in Malvinas Islands


Myron said...

Nice to see your collection is growing. :-)

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JP said...

Myron, how are you? You are the one who inspired me to collect covers! Thanks! I enjoy this hobby very much! Hope we could meet again and discuss about philately.

Myron dela Paz said...

Hello again, JP! Only today (26.11) did I read your reply to my comment after more than two months! I was under the impression that Google would inform me of further comments to this thread, the way they do on facebook. Oh well, lol.

It would be nice if we could meet at one of the FSCC meetings, but I never have the time to make it as my schedule is always full... What a pity! Maybe one of these days. :-)

I hope you are enjoying this hobby of collecting covers. May I suggest you join the CCCC? Here is their website -> http://www.covercollectors.org. I can send you an application form if you wish. I get some really nice covers from the circuits I receive with the CCCC.

Happy collecting and best wishes!

JP said...

Thanks a lot Myron. It would be nice if you could send me an application form on my email. Also, when do FSCC hold their meetings? I would like to attend one of their meetings, I just hope I have time, I'm also busy coz of work. Have a great day!

Happy collecting too!